Homeland Protection Service LLC has partnered with a CDC validated, NOVA molecular diagnostic testing laboratory, to perform mobile Influenza viral testing of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19.  Our team uses the gDNA removal, throat and anterior nares/nasopharyngeal swab, Flu SC2 test kit, and guarantees a 24-hour turnaround at an amazingly low cost.  In emergency circumstances, we can get results within a 3-hour window.   Contact HPS today to arrange a house call. 


HPS physical security subject matter experts will review your physical security platform and recommend the placement of color cameras that deliver high-definition footage to Digital Video Recording (DVR) equipment, either via Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), or online via Internet Protocol (IP) cameras. Real-time video can be sent to your smartphone for remote monitoring.

HPS will recommend proper barriers such as electric gating, tall link fencing, guard shack, slab to slab walls, hard doors, electric locks, intrusion/trouble alarms, and interior/exterior security lighting encompassing your buildings and property. 

HPS will train your on-site, access point security personnel to operate state of the art, biometric authentication technology, fingerprint and palm readers, baggage/person scanning, and X-Ray/backscatter equipment.

HPS will review, update, or create for you Standing Operating Procedures (SOP), access policy emergency action plans and execute drills.  A written policy is paramount to make sure, rules, regulations, and instructions are known and to maintain control of your employees, guests, or visitors' movement while on property.   We have patrol cars, elite Tactical Response Force, K9 Teams, and Armed Security /Special Police with arrest authority.                                                            

Let HPS conduct a comprehensive audit on your present readiness to defend devastation of your enterprise.
HPS Follows Physical Security standards published by DHS for non-gov use
HPS Cybersecurity NIST Inspection Audit Review Capable
HPS will help your private DoD contract agency adhere to the federal government CUI mandates
HPS Follow the lead of Defense Contract Audit Agency

We have the checklist you are searching for at no charge!

HPS will test you at your home or office for COVID-19

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COVID-19 Mobile Testing