1. Do you desire to learn how to handle a firearm safely?
     2. Do you want to shoot a firearm, but don't know how?
     3. Do you think a gun will go off by itself and kill people?
     4. Are you afraid of guns?
     5. Do you want to buy a firearm but not sure what type?
     6. Do you want a concealed carry permit (CCW)?
     7. Do you want to protect yourself or your family? 

If you discover a firearm on your property and want it removed, call us and DO NOT TOUCH IT!
We offer a unique service for estate settling when you find firearms on the property.  We will retrieve the firearm, catalog it, provide a receipt, transport and secure it off-site.  We can sell your firearm at auction and give you the proceeds


HPS Knows The Law and Will Teach You The Law of VA CCW
HPS NRA basic Pistol Course for CCW
HPS Teaches Concealed Carry Classes


This is an NRA and VA CCW “IN-PERSON” basic firearms safety training class.  HPS will teach you the basics of pistol shooting and firearms safety. You will learn handgun types, gun safety rules, pistol operation/nomenclature, positioning (stance/grip/aiming/trigger/breath), ammo/magazine parts/loading, cleaning/safe storage, and malfunction clearing.  You will demonstrate your firearms proficiency satisfying the new VA mandated “IN-PERSON” gun training for your VA CCW permit. You will receive a certificate, signed notarized affidavit, 2x2 photographs, and be fingerprinted for your application.   You must wear eye/ear protection, shoes, long pants, crewneck shirt.  HPS will email you a Student Packet/homework to complete and bring to class.  The course fee must be made in full before starting.  You must bring a pistol and 50 rounds of brass case, ball ammo.  HPS has rental guns.  Bring an ID.  Call (703) 988-1091 to sign up or visit the NRA website to register. 

Glock Model 19 is HPS Choice of Handguns for New Shooters
HPS Instructors are NRA Certified

Download your VA CCW application by clicking on the link below (VASP)

HPS Certified Firearms Training Instructors Can Teach You Gun Safety and Shooting
HPS Gun Shop Fingerprint Set Up
Download you VA CCW form here