HPS Certified Firearms Training Instructors Can Teach You Gun Safety and Shooting

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HPS Firearms Instructors will teach you how to shoot for your CCW

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HPS Will Train You With an M&P S&W 9mm Semi Auto
NRA & VA CCW Firearms Safety Class

NRA & VA CCW Firearms Safety Class


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HPS is selected to train US Military for their CCW
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HPS has aggressive retired police and federal agents working civil and criminal private cases

This course is the approved NRA and VA CCW “IN-PERSON” pistol safety training class. You will learn handgun types, gun safety rules, operation & nomenclature, positioning (stance-grip-aiming-trigger), ammo & magazine loading, cleaning, storage, and malfunction clearing.  As an added bonus HPS will let you demonstrate your shooting skills on a shooting range.   (For non-VA residents) You will receive a certificate, signed notarized affidavit, 2x2 photographs, and be fingerprinted for your application.    HPS provides everything you need for your Virginia Concealed Weapons Permit in one setting, saving you time and money  Classes fill up fast.  $125.00