Medical Cannabis Use
Let HPS Protect your cannabis grow fields and product
HPS Conducts Physical Security Assessments

Medicinal Cannabis Industry Protection, Emergency Response Team (ERT)

Let HPS ERT help you reduce your vulnerability to cannabis or CBD industry devastation and help you maintain grow laws compliance.   

HPS ERT is the reigning expert on safeguarding private property and has the ability to cover vast acreage of crop fields by monitoring alarms, vehicular or foot patrols, electronic intrusion detection, drone surveillance measures, and high-resolution color and night video capture.

HPS ERT Technicians are military combat veterans, credentialed off-duty police with the tactical expertise and armament to enforce regulations to include the use of deadly force.   

HPS is CONUS wide and will ensure your staff, site managers, patrons, dispensaries, warehouses, offices, vehicles, cultivation equipment, and information networks get full and undivided protection from those with ill intentions that want to rob, steal, vandalize, damage, terrorize, burn and ruin your livelihood. 

We will provide close protection escort using armored vehicles to move you, large amounts of cash or product anywhere safely multiple times during your business hours.

‚ÄčOur rates and service will never be beaten.  Call Team HPS at (703) 988-1091