1. Find romantic relationships / infidelity or cheating
  2. Investigate possible child endangerment
  3. Collect child support arrears
  4. Find hidden assets
  5. Serve Process
  6. Provide Notary
  7. Take fingerprints on FBI fingerprint cards
  8. Take video or pictures
  9. Identify known aliases
  10. Identify a Social Security number
  11. Locate birth records
  12. Locate death records
  13. Locate marriage records or divorce filing
  14. Locate civil or criminal records
  15. Conduct pre-employment background checks
  16. Perform name checks
  17. Identify phone numbers
  18. Identify owner of home or property
  19. Determine owners of corporation
  20. Find and retrieve judgment and lien filings
  21. Locate witnesses for a civil or criminal lawsuit
  22. Interview witnesses for a civil or criminal lawsuit
  23. Locate current or former employees
  24. Locate significant inheritances or money owed
  25. Identify a will for an estate
  26. Submit FOIA requests
  27. Obtain driving record history
  28. Find current vehicle registrations
  29. Verify academic or graduate school records
  30. Locate online dating site accounts
  31. Locate social media accounts and reveiw
  32. Conduct mobile or stationary surveillance
  33. Perform clandestine operations
  34. Find patents or trademark filings
  35. Skip Tracing - money owed collection
  36. Research presence on forums or message boards


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Do you feel your spouse is being unfaithful or your children are in danger when with the non-custodial parent? Our investigators will prove you are correct. If you need to locate and or serve your cheating spouse divorce papers and don’t know where he/she is, we will locate and serve the dead-beat.  HPS has helped win over 200 domestic/marital cases and we will find the shocking truth! 

Our Investigators/Detectives are retired federal agents, off duty police, prior law enforcement and all have a never-fail attitude.  Our low rates are a fraction of other overpriced, inexperienced companies that overcharge and find you nothing.  

Contact HPS today for a free confidential consultation today.  We will work with you if your finances are tight.  No worries, it’s not all about the money with HPS, but it is about the results.


Homeland Protection Service LLC an Elite Protection and Investigative Agency
  1. Leaving early or coming back later than reasonable

  2. Claiming on a business trip too often
  3. Claiming forced overtime, but pay doesn’t add up.
  4. Unexplained purchases showing up on statements
  5. Secretive bank accounts
  6. Dating site accounts
  7. Extra grooming, dying hair, makeup, hairstyle
  8. Sudden desire to go out, run or work out
  9. Buying new sexy undergarments
  10. Buying new jewelry
  11. Purchasing new clothes
  12. Buying new perfumes or cologne
  13. Staying up late on the computer
  14. Always on the internet and hiding the screen
  15. Gets upset when asked to see a text message
  16. Going outside the house to make a phone call
  17. Whispering on the phone, covering mouth
  18. Hanging up the phone when you get closer
  19. Awkward giggling or laughing while on the telephone
  20. The scent of another woman or man on clothing
  21. Different hair found in the car
  22. Coded text messages
  23. Less intimacy, no playing or touching like before
  24. Often mentions the need for more intimacy
  25. Sleeps facing away
  26. Less conversation
  27. Disappearing for hours claiming shopping
  28. Gets easily upset over simple things
  29. Ignores you when out in public
  30. Less affection or distance from you
  31. Gets upset or is mean to you for no reason
  32. More nagging or nitpicking
  33. You feel suspicious or have a gut feeling 
  34. He stops saying “I love you"
Homeland Protection Serice Private Investigators are Retired or Off Duty Police or Special Agents
Homeland Protection Service will fight hard to help you win