Report scammer fake security companies to HPS and DCJS

Before you consider hiring any security services business, we highly recommend that you take the time to verify the company has the required business license and liability insurance coverage first!  Often Virginia security companies operate not only in the Commonwealth but in DC too, without a DC Security Agency Business License.  Not HPS!  This puts you at risk of hiring an illegal business and the possibility of sanctions and stiff fines.  Don't forget to ask for individual licenses too. 

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Demand to see their business credentials and insurance certificate, and sign a contract.   Additionally, if you hear these unlicensed companies defaming other legitimate security companies, steer clear because they aren’t worthy of trust and confidence and sure to rip you off.

Report these criminals to HPS immediately, and we will advise the proper regulatory authority, then we'll post the violator's name online for all to avoid.    Feel free to save and print the below DCJS flyer.

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Important public awareness publication by the Commonwealth of Virginia

Understand hiring private security


Understand hiring private security