HPS Protects World Religious Leaders in DC 2018
HPS is a top security guard company and provides armed secruity guards for events during protests.
HPS Protects Womans March Organizers 2019
Contact HPS to day if you need driver support, diplomatic or dignitary transportation armed or unarmed
HPS Protects DC National Cahedral Event 2018
HPS Protecets New Organizations During Hostilities Protests Demonstations in DC


HPS provided event security / executive protection for Sandy Hook.

Virginia Private Investigator CCW VIP Protection Event Staff Security VIP Protection Event Staff Security

HPS Covers Major Family Events XRay and Metal Detectors

Hire Homeland Protection Service (HPS),  special security force for all your security needs.  Our highly trained Executive Protection Agents, off-duty police, armed security officers, event staff, fire-watch, process servers, fingerprint technicians, CBD ERT (SWAT), and aggressive Private Investigators will execute any assignment with professionalism, expertise, and skill.  

  Virginia Private Investigator CCW VIP

HPS personnel are retired law enforcement, off duty police (Secret Service, State Dept, Air Marshal, ICE or State Troopers, etc.) or combat seasoned military veterans with proven skill sets, experience, and abilities needed to ensure you, your family, employees, guests or the general public enjoy a safe environment free of hostility.  

HPS will enforce rules and access for pop-up events, weddings, concerts, wine tasting, festivals, fairs, private family/corporate parties, state/county parks, family gatherings, and entertainment venues just to name a few.  We check patron's IDs, screen with metal detectors, search carry-in bags, control access, patrol grounds, react to and respond to emergencies and alarms, accompany staff during hostile terminations, escort large amounts of cash just to name a few.        y Public Process Service Fingerprinting Limousine Service Private Charter Jets